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Weekly Retweet – April 14th ‘10

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The weekly retweet

Some interesting links this week. Slightly less original articles from me this week, real life intrudes. Testing out Twitter’s new Anywhere API on these link, I think it looks real purty – Let me know what you think.

  • Bootup Labs runs out of money, screws startup founders: http://bit.ly/baYbu5 – @bootuplabs, hoping you have a good explanation (Via @cperciva)
  • We are like prisoners… We do not have a life, only work. http://bit.ly/d0SIlG // A Microsoft sweatshop in China (Via @newsycombinator)
  • Breaking News: Why Didn’t Stack Exchange Work? – with Joel Spolsky http://ow.ly/173TXb (Via @giangbiscan)

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